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Can You Control Smart Plug Away From Home?

18th December 2021

If you want to transform any ordinary home appliance into a smart device, you can use smart plugs. It is a multi-purpose smart device that you can use with multiple appliances in your home.

For example, if you don’t want to install a smart home light switch, you can purchase a smart plug and connect a bulb or light with it to make it work as a smart bulb. Most of the people who are mostly away from home using smart plus smart switches.

The best thing is that you can remotely operate the plug and turn on or turn off the device. You don’t need to be at home to use it.

You can simply use your smartphone to operate these plugs. Any appliance which is connected with the plug can be controlled remotely even when you are not home.

If you want to know about smart plugs and how to control them remotely when you are not home, follow this guide. 


What Is A Smart Plug?

A smart plug is a special electric receptacle for your plug that allows you to remotely control appliances that have been plugged into it via the electricity supply. 

Simply put, smart plugs are like third party middlemen who stand between your appliance and your electrical power outlet. With the advent of the smart plug, it has become much easier to control and monitor your home appliances and plug them in from distant places. 

One of the most common features of smart plugs is temperature sensors and thermostats. These sensors can help you find out whether your room is too hot or too cold. It also helps you regulate the temperature inside your room to make it comfortable and safe. 

Smart plugs can be used with air conditioner, lights and other electric appliance that requires adjustment of temperature, either manually or automatically. If your air conditioner has built-in thermostats, then you may not need these extra features. But if your air conditioner has a manual adjustment feature, then these smart plugs will come in very handy.


How Does A Smart Plug Work?

Smart plugs can easily be turned off/on remotely and set to a time schedule. These plugs can convert any device into a smart device.

It allows you to control the power supply of the appliance, which is plugged into it from your smartphone. If you have any ordinary appliance in your home, you can insert it into the plug and operate it from your phone remotely.

In order to use smart plugs, you have to insert the plug into a wall outlet or switch. You can purchase different types of smart plugs as per the colour of the wall. 

After that, you can download the app to your smartphone and connect it with the plug. You will get the apps from App Store and Play Store.

Once you download the app, you can open it and connect it with the plug. Once the setup is complete, you can insert any appliance in the plug and operate it remotely from your phone.

You can remove the appliance and plug in another appliance as well. There are some smart plugs that come with scheduling features. You can schedule when to turn on or turn off the plug.

Some plugs also come with an energy monitoring feature. It helps you to monitor the energy usage of the appliance as well. You can also operate smart plugs via voice command. You can connect it with Amazon smart speaker or Google Assistant to use voice commands. 


Can You Control Smart Plug Away from Home?

Yes, you can easily control smart plug away from home. Most of the smart plugs are specially designed with remote access features. If you purchase this type of plug, you will be able to connect it with your phone and operate it remotely even when you are away from home or on vacation.

Proximity is not necessary to use these plugs. You can easily connect it with an app on your smartphone and use the app to control it remotely.

For example, if you have connected a light bulb with a smart plug, you can use the app on the phone to switch the light on and off even when you are not home.

You can also use a smart home light switch if you want to remotely control the lights in your home. 


How to Control Smart Plug Away from Home?

By controlling the smart plug away from home, you will be able to track the devices in your home. You can control the lights, air conditioning, microwave, fridge, etc. 

However, here are some things you need to make the smart plug can be controlled even when you are away from home.

Smart Plug with Vacation Mode: You can purchase a smartphone with the vacation mode feature. It will help you to remotely control the smart plug from the app in your phone. If you are mostly away from home, you need to purchase this type of smart plug.

Smart Plug with Alexa or Google Home: This is another thing you need to check when purchasing a smart plug. Use a plug that comes with Alexa or Google Home feature. This way, you don’t need Wi-Fi. It connects it. You will be able to control these plugs even without a Wi-Fi connection when you are away.

Smart Plug without Wi-Fi: There are some smart plugs that can be connected via cable. You don’t need a Wi-Fi connection to set up the plug. These plugs come with a special feature called “out-of-the-home”. When you choose this mode, you will be able to control the plug remotely.

Apart from these things, you need to prepare the smart plug before you leave home. Make sure you correctly set up the plug and connect the appliance with it. You can use it with any kitchen or lighting appliance. 

Once the connection is set up, try controlling it from your phone. It will help you to know whether the smart plug is working remotely or not. This way, you will be able to easily go on vacation and control the appliances in your home with the help of a smart plug.

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