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How to Use Zigbee for Home Automation?

18th December 2021

Home Automation is an ideal solution to conserve power!

Nowadays, more and more people are purchase smart home devices for home automation. It helps them to easily connect multiple electronic devices in the home and control them remotely.

However, home automation is not possible without a wireless system. In order to connect different smart devices in your home, you need a wireless system. 

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Zigbee are few examples of wireless technology. You can use any of these options to connect the smart devices.

However, over the last few years, Zigbee has captured the home automation market. Due to the Zigbee alliance, most of the smart devices are designed as per the Zigbee Home Automation standard. 

So, now you can easily automate your home by connecting all the smart devices with Zigbee technology. If you want to know how to use Zigbee for Home Automation, follow this guide.


What Is Home Automation?

Before we move on to Zigbee home automation, let’s understand what home automation is. It is simply the automated control of various electronic devices at your home. These devices are often connected to the Internet, making them able to be remotely controlled. 

With home automation, smart devices can easily trigger each other, thus making you free from the hassle of controlling them manually through a remote app or even just by speaking to them.

With home automation, you can now play music or even watch TV series that you have been waiting to watch. This is achieved with the help of smart home devices such as smart speakers, smart TV, game consoles, etc. Thus, you can now have total control over your home security system, lights, and other devices with just a few presses on your remote control. 

Your smartphone can also be used to activate and deactivate devices installed in your home using apps. Thus, you can easily switch on and switch off lights, cameras and other gadgets within your home with just a few simple clicks.

Apart from controlling your home automation devices, you can also use them to avoid intrusion by ensuring that you shut down unnecessary systems before entering secured areas of your home. You can also use it to shut down your electric appliances when you are not around. 


What Is Zigbee Wireless Technology?

It is a type of wireless technology like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which you can use to connect multiple smart devices for home automation. This wireless technology is based on EEE 802.15.4 standard.

It is developed for low distance communication and consumes less power. This wireless technology has been in use for more than a decade, but now it is gaining prominence due to home automation.

An example of Zigbee technology is that you can connect a smart home light switch with a hub or home network via Zigbee. You can further connect a smart light bulb with the switch as well.

Even though the devices are manufactured by different companies, they can be easily connected using Zigbee wireless technology. The biggest advantage of this protocol is that it uses a mesh network.

This is the main reason why many people are using it for home automation. It not only helps you to extend the range of the network but also to improve the functionality of the device.

Due to the Zigbee Alliance, more and more companies are designing smart devices which support the protocol. So, now you can easily connect multiple devices in your home using the same protocol.

There are three main types of devices in this technology, i.e. coordinator, routers and end devices. The coordinator is the central or home network. Routers are smart devices that are fully powered and repeat the signal. End devices are battery-powered devices that are out of range but connected to the network via routers. 


Using Zigbee for Home Automation:

Zigbee is a global standard for home automation. You can use it to create smart homes. It will help you to control smart appliances, save energy as well as enhance the security of your home.

You can use the technology to transform any home into a smart home. Nowadays, people are big on power saving. Because of this reason, they prefer energy-efficient appliances. 

So, in order to save power, you can use smart devices and create a mesh network using Zigbee wireless technology. If you want to use Zigbee for home automation, follow these steps.

· Step 1: Setup Zigbee Coordinator

The first thing you need to do is set up a Zigbee coordinator. It is the main device that also works as the home network. You can purchase a wireless mesh modem and set it up in your home. You can also set up a smart home hub to work as a coordinator. It will be the main device in the Zigbee network.

· Step 2: Connect Zigbee Router

After you purchase and set up Zigbee coordinator, you can connect it to the Zigbee router. It can be any fully-powered smart device that is compatible with the Zigbee protocol. You can connect a smart home light switch to the coordinator. Now, the smart switch will get connected to a home network and work as a repeater or router as well. You can connect multiple smart home devices with the mesh modem with the Zigbee network protocol. The devices will be connected with one another.

· Step 3: Connect Other Zigbee Devices

You can also connect other Zigbee smart devices in the network. Even if the smart device is out of range, you can use the routers to extend the connection. This way, you will be able to easily create a strong mesh network for home automation. You can connect a smart bulb, smart sensor, smart security camera and many other smart devices with the router. 

This is how you can use Zigbee for home automation. You will be able to connect all the smart devices in your home with the network. It will help you to control all the devices remotely from your phone or via voice control. You can save a lot of power as well as connect multiple devices when you use Zigbee. 

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