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Why Is Zigbee Better Than Bluetooth?

18th December 2021

When it comes to wireless technology, there are multiple options available. You can easily connect multiple electronic and smart devices using a wireless network.

Bluetooth and Zigbee are two of the most popular wireless technology you can use. You can use either of the options to connect the devices in your home.

Most people use wireless technology for home automation. If you want to create a smart home, you can connect multiple devices using any of the two protocols. 

It will help you to create a strong network and operate the devices smartly. Bluetooth is one of the oldest technology which you can use to easily connect battery-operated devices.

However, over a period of time, Zigbee technology has become very popular. Nowadays, most people are using this technology for home automation. 

If you are confused between choosing Zigbee and Bluetooth, we can help you. In this article, we will compare both types of wireless technology and show you why Zigbee is better than Bluetooth.


What is Bluetooth Technology?

Bluetooth is a "short-range" wireless communication network. With Bluetooth technology, devices can communicate with each other wirelessly without having to use wires. It is a Personal Area Network that helps you to easily connect two devices. 

Bluetooth wireless technology has been around for quite some time, but it recently became popular in the home automation industry. The basic function of Bluetooth technology is to enable electronic devices to connect with each other and to either transmit or receive information. 

Bluetooth is quite popular in various fields, like wireless personal area networks, wireless network applications, and mobile application development. In the last few years, Bluetooth technology has seen quite a significant growth due to the popularity of smart phones and the mobility of various electronic products. 

Apart from that, the need for a wireless communication protocol has also increased with the introduction of the Bluetooth standard, as it has a lot of advantages over the traditional wire system.

Bluetooth wireless technology can transfer data between electronic devices, such as mobile phones, earphones, printers, keyboards, cameras and microphones, through short distances. Basically, it helps you to send and receive data at faster speeds. 

Bluetooth uses a serial port to communicate with other wireless devices, such as printers, mobile phones, wireless access points, video surveillance systems and personal digital assistants. 

The biggest advantage of using this technology is that it works with all types of operating systems, i.e. Android, IOS, Mac, Windows, etc. However, it is not suitable for short-range connections. You can only use it for small projects and devices. 


What Is Zigbee Technology?

The Zigbee technology is a new model which is currently transforming the communication systems in our lives. This small yet powerful network system can help you to easily link or connect multiple devices together. 

The Zigbee Wireless Technology fit perfectly into an industry that isn't entirely fulfilled with other technology. For instance, other wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are always striving to move faster, add more capabilities and run for much longer hours on a charge. However, these devices will often require additional hardware such as speakers and microphones in order to work with your smart home devices.

What makes Zigbee Technology stand out is the low data rate it operates at. This low data rate allows Zigbee to function for long periods without using up a large amount of battery power. It also allows Zigbee to function in conjunction with other Zigbee wireless networking devices like a smart home light switch and smart bulbs. 

It is possible to communicate with Zigbee enabled devices, but any other devices will still work just fine. This is what makes Zigbee Technology so desirable and unique; it enables you to control your networks using as few as one or two wireless routers.

It is a mesh network protocol and helps you to connect devices within medium range as well. It works like a Local Area Network and helps you to link multiple smart devices together. It is perfect for home automation.

Reasons why Zigbee is better than Bluetooth:

Here are some factors which clearly show why Zigbee is better than Bluetooth wireless technology.

· Low-Cost: The main reason why you need to use Zigbee rather than Bluetooth is that it is a low-cost wireless network. When you use this global standard, you can easily create an IoT network at a low cost. It helps you to save a lot of money.

· Low-Power: Apart from that, Zigbee consumes less power. Nowadays, most people are using this wireless technology because it consumes less power. You can use it to converse power when using smart devices. When it links multiple devices, it consumes less power than other protocols. 

· Mesh Topology: Zigbee wireless technology uses mesh topology instead of star topology. Here, there is the main coordinator device which is connected to multiple routers and end devices. You can use it to create a mesh network of all the devices. This way, data can be easily transmitted within the medium range. 

· Wide Range: In Bluetooth, you will get a range of only 77 meters. However, with Zigbee, you can enjoy 291 meters range. As it uses mesh networking, you will be able to connect far away from smart devices as well. The routers will help you to extend the signal and improve the network. 

· Self-Healing Network: It is a self-healing network as there are multiple cell nodes. In the mesh network, if one node is damaged, then the signal will be transferred using another node. It is self-healing as it automatically heals the network by connecting multiple nodes with each other. 

· Extends Range: With Zigbee, you can easily extend the range of the network by connecting more routers. If you conned a full-powered smart device like a smart home light switch with the modem or hub, it would help you to repeat the signal and connect other end devices as well. 

Home Automation: If you are into home automation, then Zigbee is the ideal solution as it is better than Bluetooth. After Zigbee Alliance, more and more smart products were developed as per this global standard. Now, you can easily automate your home and improve the functionality of the devices using Zigbee.

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