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Tuya Smart Announces It Will Support the Matter Protocol, Empowering Global Developers to "Break the Circle" of Smart Homes

24th April 2022

Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA), a global IoT development platform service provider, officially announced at CES 2022 that it will support the Matter communication protocol to help developers create a seamless smart home experience. At the exhibition, Tuya Smart exhibited a number of concept products that support the Matter protocol.


What is the Matter Protocol?

The Matter protocol is an application layer connection protocol launched by the CSA Connection Standards Alliance in 2021. It aims to eliminate compatibility concerns between different ecosystems and solve the problem of fragmentation in the smart home field by building a unified "language". At present, Amazon, Google, Apple, etc. have all promised that the Alexa, Google Assistant and HomeKit ecosystems will be compatible with devices that support the Matter protocol.


What does it mean that TUYA supports the Matter protocol?

As one of the board members of the CSA Connection Standards Alliance, Tuya Smart and Google and Amazon, which are also members of the Matter protocol working group, have been deeply involved in the research and development and testing of the Matter protocol. The announcement of support for the Matter protocol means that over 446,000 registered developers will quickly and easily access the Matter protocol through Tuya Smart, breaking the barriers between different ecosystems, and then gaining more landing opportunities in the smart home field.

"After joining the alliance, Tuya Smart is committed to promoting interoperability and accelerating the implementation of Zigbee technology. Recently, they also supported the standard development of the Matter protocol. We are grateful for Tuya Smart's support and commitment." CSA Connectivity Standards Alliance President and CEO Tobin Richardson said.


What does supporting the Matter protocol bring?

After supporting the Matter protocol, Tuya Smart will provide developers with more diverse communication protocol access options to meet the diverse connection needs of developers in different IoT scenarios.

Tuya Smart will also help more global partners access the Matter protocol, such as Calex, a leading European lighting brand, and Geeni, an American smart home brand.

Connection is the foundation of smart devices and scenarios. Tuya Smarts move will help more developers to easily access the Matter protocol, work with domestic and foreign partners and brand enterprises to break the industrys cross-platform ecological “siege”, create a “foundation” for the connection of the whole industry, and then promote the vision of the Internet of Everything as soon as possible.

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