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How Do You Make A Smart Switch Without Neutral?

07th May 2022

If you are planning to install a smart switch to control the lights and fans in your home, it is necessary to check the electric connections first.

In most homes, there are no neutral wires. While it is not a big problem, it sure does makes the installation of smart switches a big hassle for you.

These smart devices need neutral wires to function as they need the power source. However, if there is no neutral wire in your home, you need to either consider smart bulbs or look for a smart switch that works without neutral.

If you are facing this problem, we can help you. In this article, we are going to discuss neutral wire and how to make a smart switch without neutral.

What Is Neutral Wire and Its Purpose?

Essentially, it's the wire that's connected to the earth. A neutral is a point where all electrical current flows - usually a common wall outlet or other fixture that's not in direct contact with the electrical supply's ground.

A neutral wire is used to protect a power supply from lightning. A lightning strike will send electricity into the earth instead of the house circuit. 

A neutral wire is important in your electrical system because it completes the circuit and ensures that voltage is consistent across the load. 

It is also connected to a common point for all three phases. The neutral wire carries 2.5 amps of current back to the power supply. The voltage of this wire is zero, so there is no electric charge flowing through it. 

The purpose of this wire is to prevent electrical shocks. If the other three phases are in the opposite direction, the current will be sparked, causing a ground fault. Fortunately, this rarely happens. Because of this, neutral wiring is an important safety feature.

The neutral wire is used to ensure that the electrical current is free to flow. This neutral wire is bonded to the local environment, as it is lower in potential than the other two. 

Why Do Smart Switches Need Neutral Wire? 

The main reason why smart switches need neutral wire is that they need to stay powered up all the time. The neutral wire completes the follow of current and helps the switches to use their own power even if the switch is off.  

Most of the smart switches need neutral wire for functioning. If you don't have a neutral wire, you cannot use these switches. However, some switches do not require a neutral wire. 

If you're considering getting a smart switch that connects to a hub, you can skip the neutral wire entirely. This means that you can avoid wiring headaches and also enjoy the convenience of adding smart switches to your home.

Another reason why smart switches need a neutral wire is to make sure that they function properly. When a switch is not connected to neutral properly, the neutral wire can disconnect from the service panel, leaving it hot. 

How Do You Make A Smart Switch Without Neutral?

If you're planning on installing a smart switch in your home, you're probably wondering how to use it without a neutral wire. There are several options available. 

One of the easiest and least expensive is also the most complicated. Simply pulling out the old neutral wire from behind the light switch box and wiring it to the switch is the simplest way to add a new neutral wire.

You can also install a no-neutral smart switch in your home. There are many different types of smart switches available. The Lutron Caseta is the best option, but it requires a second hub or bridge. 

When you install a smart switch, you will be faced with the issue of what is a no neutral smart switch. Normally, there will be three wires connected to the switch box: two of these will carry the current, black and white, and one will be a ground wire, which is usually green. 

However, if you don't have a neutral switch in your home, you can use no neutral smart switch. This type of smart switch doesn't need a neutral wire for installation. 

These are great for areas where you don't have a wall outlet. They are typically more expensive than conventional switches, but they can save you money if you decide to remodel your home. 

In addition, they can be used in places that don't have the necessary wires for wall wiring. You can also find no-neutral smart switches that support the use of voice control and can integrate with most smart home systems.

3 Best No Neutral Smart Switches:

Here are the three best smart switches that work with no neutral wire. You can use any of these devices if you don't have any neutral wire in your home.

· Tuya Zigbee Wall Switch No Neutral:

The new Tuya Zigbee Wall Switch is a significant improvement from the original design. The new model does not require a neutral wire. The switch is easy to install and works with a variety of appliances. This switch features greater compatibility with other smart devices. The most important thing to keep in mind before buying the switch is that it can be installed without a neutral wire. The switch is easy to install and is compatible with tuya smart devices. If you're looking for an entry-level, low-cost smart lighting solution, this might be the right one for you.

· Lutron Caseta Dimmer No Neutral smart switch:

The Lutron Caseta Dimmer No Neutral smart switch works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to control your lights. It also works with your voice, and the app makes it easy to install. The Caseta is compatible with almost any light fixture. If you have other devices, like powered window shades, ceiling fans, or motion sensors, the caseta comes with a built-in Smart Bridge Pro hub, so you don't need neutral wire to install this device.

· Aqara Smart Wall Switch No Neutral:

The Aqara Smart Wall Switch is a good value smart switch. The device has a minimalist design and features a simple rocker button. The switches' large rocker buttons make them easy to locate in the dark, while spring-powered rockers provide a tactile response to each press. In addition, there are tiny LEDs on each side to display the status of the different switches. Despite the lack of a neutral position, the Aqara Smart Wall is a good buy. It can be operated manually or through an app on a smartphone, as well as remotely with the Aqara Hub. 


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