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How Do You Set Up A Zigbee Light Switch?

07th May 2022

Zigbee is the latest wireless technology that helps you to connect smart devices in your home.

If you don't want to use a WiFi or Bluetooth connection, you can always rely on Zigbee as it is a cost-effective and better solution for smart homes.

You will get different types of Zigbee smart devices in the market. Out of all the smart devices, the most popular one is the Zigbee light switch.

It is a smart light switch that helps you to automate lights in your home. You can easily control the lights as well as adjust the brightness remotely.

The best thing about the Zigbee light switch is that it doesn't need neutral work. You can easily install it in your home.

In this article, we will show you step by step guide to setup a Zigbee light switch in your home. 

What Is Zigbee Technology?

The wireless technology known as Zigbee is a standard and set of protocols for interconnecting various devices. This technology is used for a variety of applications, including real-time analytics, object tracking and locating, machine learning, home automation, and wireless sensor networks. 

This technology can be found on computers and smart locks. Other uses include temperature control and lighting control. You can easily use it for home automation.

Although Zigbee is easy to use, you need a separate hub to use the smart devices in your home. However, the low cost of Zigbee makes it a popular choice for low-end, low-power applications. It helps you to save a lot of power as well as create a strong network connection between devices.

The Zigbee network is composed of three different types of devices: coordinators, routers, and end devices. All of these devices send and receive messages from the coordinator, which is at the root of the network. 

The coordinator performs a variety of tasks, including choosing a channel with the least amount of interference, allocating a unique address to each device, and initiating messages within the network. 

Routers are smart devices that help you to extend the signal. These are non-battery operated smart devices. End devices are the smart devices that connect with routers and coordinators. 

What Is Zigbee Light Switch?

The Zigbee light switch converts standard light bulbs into smart access devices. The switch controls the level of power and connectivity of light, as well as its schedule. 

The ability to control the device with a smartphone or smart assistant makes it an ideal choice for home automation. You can even use voice commands to control the lights from your phone. 

The first thing you need to do is download the app for your smartphone or tablet. You can then use the app to program custom actions for the switch, such as an instant on/off function, a fade-off mode, or a preset dimming level. 

You can also turn the light on or off by double-tapping or by long pressing. You can also set it to fade off after a certain amount of time or to turn it on and off at preset intervals.

It works just like an ordinary smart light switch, but the only difference is that it uses a Zigbee gateway to function. You don't need to connect it to WiFi. You can simply connect it to the hub in order to use it.

Do Zigbee Light Switch Needs Neutral Wire?

The best thing about the Zigbee light switch is that it doesn't require a neutral wire, unlike other smart switches. If you are living in an old home where there is no neutral wire, you don't have to worry because Zigbee will work just fine.

There are many benefits to installing a Zigbee smart switch for your home, as you don't need a neutral wire to use one. You don't need a neutral if you are using a Zigbee device. 

If you don't have a neutral wire, you might be stuck with an older switch that won't work with modern LED bulbs. Rewiring your home will cost you a lot of money and time, and the process will be very time-consuming. 

But if you have Zigbee smart switch, you don't need to replace the entire lighting system. This wireless switch can be integrated into your existing mechanical system, and it will work with all types of lighting and sockets, as long as you have the proper voltage. 

How to Setup a Zigbee Light Switch?

Now that you know everything about the Zigbee light switch, we will show you how to set it up. Follow these steps.

· Step 1: Expose Your Current Wiring

The first thing you need to do is expose your current wiring. Turn off the power and remove the screws to expose the wiring in the switch box. Make sure you use proper tools and safety gear to avoid any accidents.

· Step 2: Identify Wires

Once you open the switch, you will see plenty of wires. Now, you need to identify the wires. You can check the colour code to know each type of wire. You can use a voltage tester as well. Once you know about the wires, mark them with a sticker to install the new switch perfectly. 

· Step 3: Disconnect Old Switch

Now, you have to properly disconnect the old switch. Make sure the power is off and remove the wires from the old switch. 

· Step 4: Connect New Zigbee Light Switch

After that, you need to unbox the new Zigbee light switch and read the instructions manual. Once you know how to install it, turn it over to connect it to the wires. Hook the wires properly in the correct slot. Check the markings on the product and connect the live wire properly. You don't need to connect it to a neutral wire. There will be only two-wire connections in the switch. 

· Step 5: Test

Once you connect the switch, turn on the button to test it. Try to turn on and off the switch.

· Step 6: Integrate Applications

After that, you need to connect it to the Zigbee gateway hub in your home. Configure the setting and connect it. Once it is done, you can download the app to your phone and then connect it to the smart light switch. This way, you can easily operate it remotely from your phone. 


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