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8 Ideas to Use WiFi Smart Plug Outlet & Light Switch

12th December 2020

8 Ideas to Use WiFi Smart Plug Outlet & Light Switch

You must have dreamed about a house where everything is automatic, by clicking just one button all your work can be done. Now, it is no more a dream all this is possible by smart devices.

If you wonder what smart devices can do to your home, then instead of thinking you should try it once. You will see a completely unexpected change in your house and of course you will see your house transforming into a smart house.

Smart light switches and smart plug outlets also lie in smart devices and are helpful in many ways. Especially for the people who have less time to think about switching off and on the lights. Also, the plug outlet helps you to do any electrical work smartly. For example, if you have connected microwave wire in the plug outlet, and if you forget to switch it off, then do not worry and leave this on your smart plug it will switch it off by itself.

The smart light switches are controlled by the smartphone by an app, that particular app is only for the smart home and it controls all the smart devices of your house. A smart light switch makes your life easier, by not allowing you to move from your place. In addition to this, smart light switches are very stylish in look also, so you can fix it anywhere without any hesitation.

Now, let me tell you about 8 ideas to use plug outlets and smart light switches.

Plug outlets and smart light switches make a perfect combo with each other, both are smart devices. Now, you should know how to use it, here are a few ways for you to know how you can use it.


Living Room

Your living room must be decorated with decors and mostly lamps and lights. So, basically, your living room is the place where you need more light more than anywhere else.  If you are in your bedroom and see that the lights of the living room are switched on so there is where the work of the smart light switch starts you can do it using any of your smart devices. You need not get up from your bed, if not then there is also a feature that as soon you move from your room lights will turn off.

If you come back to your house after the journey, it is good to see the lights turned on. You do not have to wait to control it using your device.


Kitchen appliances

Now, the kitchen is a very common area where we use lots of appliances which come under different uses. It is also very common with us that we cannot reach on time, and few of your food gets overcooked, undercooked or sometimes it may even get burned.  You can take the coffee maker as an example, using a smart switch you can set a time for your coffee, and then it will turn off automatically as soon as you are ready to take out the coffee. Like this, you can save your food, drinks and also can enjoy it as soon as you get up from bed.


An outlet for Outdoor Lighting

People decorate the beautiful outdoor lights at any special occasion, festival, or event. And in the moment of enjoyment and events, there is a burden of works. In those busy moments or enjoyment usually people tend to forget these small works like switch on and switch off the lights. In festivals like Diwali, Christmas, and new year, people decorate their house with lights and during these festivals usually people get busy with work and enjoyment. Also during the cold temperature people avoid unplugging the lights. You can set a timer on your lights using the smart outlet so that you don’t have to get worried about unplugging the lights. 


Automatic turn off the TV

TV is one of the common sources of entertainment in almost every house, but sometimes while watching TV we have to leave the place and move to some other place. At that time smart switches will help you to shut off the TV switch from anywhere.


Space Heater

In winters we often need a heater, and you might be aware very well that it consumes a lot of electricity. Suppose if you leave it on for 1-2 hours then your bill will be very high. But not with the smart switch, even if you forget to switch it off just your smartphone and turn it off from anywhere.



Already mentioned a few appliances of the kitchen, a crock pot is also one of them. Now, don’t worry about leaving the crockpot switched on when you can turn it off with a plug outlet even if you are at work.


Permanent solution for turning off the hair curlers

while making your hairs, then most often the thing that happens is you tend to forget turning off the device. And later when you remember on the way about it then you are tense about your house catching fire, even if it doesn’t burn down the house it will surely burn your countertop.  So connecting your switch with wifi may help you to switch it off from anywhere easily.


Hair Straightener

While getting ready for an event the most common thing that people forget is to switch off their hair straightener. If you connect wifi, then you can easily switch it off and live peace day ahead. It is for all the electronic devices that could catch fire and heavy damage. Connecting all your switches with a smart plug may help you control your devices work easily.



Plug outlets and the smart device play a great role in making your house smarter, and the smart light switch makes a perfect combo with the plug outlet. It allows you to control all the lights and plugs on your own through your devices or through remote control. It also provides you a free hand to schedule the timing in which you want your lights on or off.

If you have Alexa then your work becomes easier you can easily shut off and on the lights of your room from anywhere. However, you must have a Wi-Fi connection in order to ensure the connection of the plug outlet and smart switch. In this article, you will find 8 uses for plug outlets and smart switches. 

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