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Do You Need a Smart Light Switch?

12th December 2020

A smart light switch is like a normal wall switch to control a light, a socket or a fan. The main difference is that you can customize the Smart switch through the app. Having a smart light switch in your home is a great way to make the house more energy-efficient and you can control the lights however you want. It's a must-have for anyone who owns home automation products or artificial intelligence like Alexa or Nest. When combined with these devices, you can use a home automation system to control lighting, temperature, and appliances. No other lighting solution is as elegant as integrating a smart light switch or an intelligent dimmer into the wall. Sure, you can screw a smart lightbulb into a light fixture or pop a couple of lightbulbs into a smart socket and end the day, but if that bulb is controlled by a dumb switch, that smart one won't be able to control. Lights up when the switch is off.


Benefits of having Smart light Switch

Like traditional light switches, smart light switches have physical controls that turn a device on and off. However, since the smart light switch is connected to the internet, you can control the smart light switch from your smartphone using the app. The app also lets you create diagrams of lights that are on and off. You can also randomly turn on the lights while on vacation to make it look like you are home. It is a kind of regular wall switch to control a light, socket, or fan. However, you can also use the smart light switch on your smartphone via the app. A smart socket fulfills a similar function. It gives you access to switch on your cell phone, program it, and connect the lights to other smart gadgets in your house. This is helpful in case you are connecting a smart doorbell to a switch so that the light will turn on automatically when anyone will ring the doorbell.

After installing the smart light switch, you can use the smartphone app to turn the lights on and off on a scheduled basis. You can also install accessories to turn the light on and off based on voice commands, motion, and even your location (if you have a smartphone). You and). The smart dimmer can also dim the light lamp, which controls whether the smart light switch simply turns the lamp or the connected devices on and off.

These gadgets not only ensure safety on the go but also help to control energy consumption and reduce lighting costs. After connecting the product to the mobile app, you have access to lights (or the connected device) on your mobile with just a few taps. It really protects your home while providing peace. We'll use these terms interchangeably here, as dimmers are essentially switched with additional functions, but this overview will focus on dimmers. The differences are listed in the buying guide on the next page.

In contrast to conventional switches, most smart light switch use Wi-Fi, ZigBee, or Z-Wave technology, depending on the product. For models with Wi-Fi, you can connect directly to your home network and phone.


More Pros of Smart Switch before using a smart switch

Prices for smart light switch and dimmers have plummeted over the past couple of years, but the more attractive, high-performance models are still expensive. You will meet many newcomers to the field like Mittag and Hoger, as well as products with familiar names like Leviton and Lutron. By increasing your IQ in a traditional home, you can take a device-based approach. This means that over time, you can gradually replace the damn devices with smarter ones or use smart plugs and smart light switch. Replacing a boring switch with a smart light switch is for the most part a relatively simple DIY project. However, if you are concerned about high voltage work, don't hesitate to hire an electrician to do the job. ..

Compared to conventional switches, smart light switch give you complete control over your energy consumption. There are additional features that make smart lights more attractive, like dimming, full-screen touchscreen display, and built-in microphone. For example, you come home from outside  but have noticed that your room is actually a box full of heat. With this, you could save energy all day by turning off the fans before leaving the house, but you had to wait for 30, maybe 60 minutes for the house to cool. This is where the best smart light switch come into play. The unit can be functioned to turn on the fan just a  few minutes before you go to your place to get some fresh air.


A few Recommendations

Understanding how things work is important when building a new smart home. Smart light switches are usually connected to the power grid. This could be your home Wi-Fi network. There are other options, but I'll explain them later. smart light switch allow you to control the lighting in your home in two ways. Use the wall switch first. And secondly, with a smartphone.

For example, if you want all smart devices to be connected to the connected TV, the smart plug won't turn them off. However, if you want all the small parts of your home like lights, fans, and air purifiers to work together, switches and sockets are for you. If your home needs smart lights, you might also want to consider smart LED lights. You can get creative with your lighting and play around with all the great controls it offers. You can also set a schedule that will tell your home exactly when to turn the lights off and on.

smart light switch can be larger than traditional ones. If it does not fit into the electrical box, you need to purchase a new box, which is the job of an electrician. If you live in an old house, you may have different electrical wiring than is required for your smart light switch. It is best to call an electrician and install a smart light switch.

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