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Smart home tuya smartlife zigbee wireless alarm outdoor door lock magnetic sensor

Zigbee Magnetic Door Sensor

Basic Information

Size: 55*22mm Battery Type: CR2032 3V Protocol : ZIGBEE 802.15.4 ; ZIGBEE 2.4Ghz;
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Product Description
Zigbee Motion Sensor Specifications 
Standby Current: ≤5uA
Operating Temperature: -10℃~ 50℃
Material: ABS
Certificate: CE,RoHS,
Zigbee Standard: Zigbee2.4GHz b/g/n
APP: Tuya/Smart Life
Voice Control: Google Home, Amazon Alexa



Benefits of Using Zigbee Repeaters:

There are many benefits of using Zigbee repeaters. Here are some of the reasons why you need to use these devices.

· Extending Range: The main reason to use Zigbee repeaters is that it helps to extend the range of the home network. Nowadays, most people are looking for devices that can stay connected at a longer range. So if you don’t want to invest in a dedicated repeater or range extender, you can simply use a Zigbee device. It will work as a router and help you to extend the range of the Zigbee network.

· Smart Functionality: It also helps to improve the functionality of the device. For example, if one smart device is out of range, you will not be able to enjoy the smart features of the device. But with the help of the Zigbee repeater, you can easily connect that device as well and improve its functionality. 

· Power Saving: Zigbee repeater also helps you to save a lot of power compared to Wi-Fi. It will help you with power consumption as the devices consume less power in order to stay connected to the network. 


· Mesh Network: With the help of these devices, you will be able to create a strong mesh network. When there are multiple routers or repeaters in a network, it naturally becomes strong. This way, even if one node is not working, the coordinator will use another node to make the device work. 


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