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MVAVA US Alexa wall universal multi Remote Control tuya smart home Electrical Wifi smart life Power Socket plug

US Alexa wall Remote Control tuya smart home Electrical Wifi Socket plug

Basic Information

Plug Type:US Plug with socket Rated Current:10A Network:Wifi
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Product Description


1、This socket is a 10A wifi smart socket,using the Tuya smart solution.
2、Support smart audio voice control such as Tmall Genie.
3、Mobile phone time delay switch.
4、Real-time feedback of status,keep aneye on the status of the socket at home at any time.
5、The whole house intelligent equipment scene linkage,automatically execute the scene mode.
6、The whole family shares the equipment,multiple users can view at the same time.
7、Can be used for electrical appliances with power below 2200W.
8、Imported fire retardant materials,safe and reliable.

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