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MVAVA Smart Home TUYA Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor Temperature and Humidity Sensor zigbee sensor

Smart Home TUYA Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Basic Information

Network: wifi, bluetooth temperature detection range and accuracy: -10-50℃ wireless connection: zigbee
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Product Description

Product Description:

The T&H sensor detects temperature and humidity in the environment in real time,and combines other devices to design and implement smart application scenarios.


MVAVA 1 2 3 4P 10A 63A Tuya Wifi Remote Control Power On Off Capacity MCB Circuit Breaker Safety Smart Electrical Disjuntor

MVAVA 16A Switching Power Supply Module Mini Smart Switch 2 Way Wifi Smart Relay Switch Module No Neutral

MVAVA 20A Tuya EU Touch Wall WiFi Boiler Air Conditioning Smart Water Heater Switch

MVAVA 240v EU Standard Tempered Glass 5 Outputs Wall Electric Power Wall Socket

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