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MVAVA Smart Wifi Zigbee Thermostat for Gas Water Heater

MVAVA Smart Wifi Zigbee Thermostat for Gas Water Heater

Basic Information

The MVAVA Smart Thermostat can be controlled by WiFi or Zigbee at home. It can be used for Water Heating, Water Boiler, and Gas Boiler and the current is 5A. While for electric heating, the current will be 16A instead. The voltage can adapt a 95~240V wide AC power supply.
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Product Description

 The LED screen will show the digital temperature for you. And it also supports voice devices like Alexa or Google Assistance.




Work Voltage

95~240VAC, 50~60HZ




5A (water heating/water boiler/gas boiler)
16A (electric heating)

Power Consumption


Protection Class


Ambient Temp./Humidity

0~45℃, 5~95%RH (non condensing)


On Appearance
1. Convennient operation creates convenient life.
2. Touch screen display with backlight is easy to read, even in the dark.
3. Glass frame, showing fashion;
4. Fashion design blends in with any decor.
5. Modular design, more convenient installation;

On Functionality
1. 0.5°C Accuracy keeps temperature within the level you set.
2. Data memory when power is off.
3. 5+2 six periods programmable maximize comfort and economy.
4. Creat thermostat group to centralized control
5. Integrated with Amazon Echo, Google Home, Tmall Genie




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