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MVAVA UK WiFi Smart Plug CE Outlet Energy

MVAVA UK WiFi Smart Plug CE Outlet Energy

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Monitoring Timer APP Voice Remote Control Tuya with alexa and google
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Product Description


1. App Remote Control
Using your smartphone or tablet remotely control the smart wifi power plug by free app Smart Life or TuyaSmart from anywhere at
anytime. Easily to control your home appliances.

2.Energy Monitor&Timing Function
This smart power plug could provide real time reports, on how much energy your home appliances consume. It is very good for you to
set up a time schedule to turn on/off your devices automatically by app. Helping you cutdown eletricity bills.

3. Voice Control
The smart wifi plug socket is perfect compatible with Alexa, Google Home. Just simply give a voice command to your Alexa or Google
Home Assistant to control your devices when you are on go.

4. Sharing&Group Control
One-tap to share the smart plug with your family members to control together by free app Smart life.

5. Smart Scenario
Creating your own scene to trigger ON/OFF home appliances by departure mode, home mode, temperature, humidity, or other

6. Group Control
Set groups for several plugs in the app. One-tap to control all.



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